Working with nature
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Bug Bonanza

We come along with a travelling insect house, allowing you to get a personal  view of inverts,

A lot of the species we take along ( although not all species are suitable) can be held which gives a great chance for all ages to get a real hands on personal meeting.

Our travelling show offers a fantastic range of inverts covering many groups, so we can offer a full exciting and educational show, we not only get a chance to show you these wonderful creatures but our display also teaches about habitats and adaptations they have to cope with, which helps with an understanding of why they are important to us and how they really are a very vital part of the world we live in.

Because of the amount of species and the size of our display, we offer increased scope for themed learning and we are quite happy to fit in with the current school Curriculum. Covering topics such as; Evolution, Anatomy, Life Cycles, Biology & Bio diversity, Eco-Systems, Food Chains, Species Identification, Classification and Predators & Prey  if required.

We have been putting on these shows for many years and have a proven track record having exhibited in many Universities, Zoos, Eco Centres, Museums, Farm Parks and Public tourist attractions.

Bug Bonanza